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Common Bill Pay & Pay a Person (P2P) Questions:

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After you have added a payee, the payment method for that payee will be indicated. Payments will be sent either via a standard check or electronic (for larger payees that have a relationship with our Bill Pay provider). For payments sent via check, the funds will be withdrawn from your account once the payee has negotiated the check and it has gone through the clearing process. Please note we cannot select a specific bill pay method, it is automatically determined based on the payee and account information provided.

This is an expected experience. At conversion, the system will need some extra time to sync your bill pay information. This process can only begin when you log into Online Banking and access the Bill Pay Tab. This could take up to 20 minutes to synchronize your data.

If a scheduled payment is scheduled to go out on a holiday, it will be processed on the business day before the holiday.

Existing PopMoney payees will not convert to the new platform. Person to Person payees can be added through the ‘Pay a Person’ option through the new Bill Pay platform.

No, Bill Pay history will not be converted to our new online banking platform. You can, however, access any Bill Pay transaction right from your account history.

Yes, all your active Bill Pay payees will convert to the new platform. Please note that the ‘Nicknames’ for each payee created with our current Bill Pay provider will be the primary payee name that displays in the new Bill Pay platform. Payee information can be modified by clicking on the payee and selecting ‘Manage.’

If you are sending funds to an account the payee has with People’s Credit Union, you can select the “Add an account to make a transfer or payment” option from the “Transfers” tab within your online banking ™ profile. You would then select “Send money to another People’s Credit Union member”, where you can enter the recipient’s name along with their account number, phone number on file, or email on file. After a payee is added, the payee will receive funds from a transfer instantly once the “Submit” button is selected and the transaction cannot be canceled or stopped.

If you are sending funds to an account the payee has at a different financial institution, you can utilize the P2P service within Bill Pay for this purpose. This can be accessed from your online banking ™ profile by selecting “Add Payee” within the “Bill Pay” menu option and selecting the option to pay a person. You can choose to pay the recipient using their account and routing numbers, email address, or phone number. For email or phone payments, the recipient would receive a link to input their information and receive the payment. Please note P2P transfers can take a few business days to complete.