Payment on the go for busy lifestyles

Using your People’s Credit Union debit Mastercard is a convenient way to manage your finances because funds are deducted directly from your checking account. Having an electronic record of every transaction can be a real time-saver and makes keeping track of what you spend easy.

Your debit Mastercard is accepted at millions of merchant locations worldwide, including restaurants, hotels and online retailers. You can even use your debit Mastercard to automatically pay monthly bills.‎

Whether you use debit Mastercard to shop online, by phone or in a store, every purchase is backed by Zero Liability Protection. That means you won’t be held responsible in the event that someone makes unauthorized purchases with your card.

Access to ATMs across Rhode Island and worldwide

In addition to People’s 7 conveniently located ATMs, People’s members can access their accounts surcharge-free at SUM Network ATMs and ATMs in the Rhode Island Credit Union Connection.

Debit Card best practices

  • If you suspect your debit card information has been compromised, you can turn off your debit card through “Card Controls” on the “PCU myMobile™” app or “Manage my ATM/ Debit Card” on online banking. You can also control the types of merchants and/or transactions that will be approved with your debit card.
  • You may occasionally receive email, text, and phone notifications from our fraud monitoring service if a suspicious transaction is attempted. Provide the number/email address the notifications would come from. These notifications will not ask for your card number but will ask you to verify the legitimacy of the suspicious transaction.
  • Contact us before traveling. Whether you’re heading out for business or taking a family trip to Disney World – give us a call. When you use your debit card outside of your “normal spending area” your card could be flagged for “Fraud.”
  • Do not click on links from unexpected texts or emails, particularly those claiming that the recipient is eligible to claim a prize. If a link is clicked, do not input any debit card information or login credentials for any online accounts. You will receive fraud alert emails from [email protected] alerting you of suspicious activity.
  • If you receive an email from a merchant indicating there will be a charge to your account, look for misspellings and grammatical errors in the email. If the email does not include information on how the merchant will be initiating the transaction (e.g. last four of account number or debit card number), it is likely a phishing scam. Call the merchant at the number listed on their official website to confirm, rather than any phone number or email address from the email.
  • Only provide your debit card number to trusted merchants and do not provide your debit card information to merchants offering “free” products or trial offers. Research a merchant and thoroughly read the terms of service before providing them with your debit card information.
  • When online shopping with trusted merchants, do so only on a secure connection and do not use public Wi-Fi.
  • Do not use person-to-person payment apps to send money to those you do not know and trust. There are many scams involving person-to-person payments, and the funds are very likely irretrievable once sent.
  • If you use a person-to-person payment app, do not provide others with your credentials or access to the login device. Person-to-person companies as well as other legitimate institutions will not ask you for your login credentials (such as online passwords) and will not ask you to complete a “test” transaction.
  • Do not make large purchases using your debit card, consumers are typically unable to stop payment on a fraudulent item purchased with a debit card.
  • Monitor your accounts as often as possible. Be sure to check your account transactions on a regular basis. With tools like online and mobile banking, you do not have to wait to receive your statement to view your transactions. Remember, you have 60 days to initiate a dispute for a fraudulent transaction on your personal checking account, so report suspected fraud as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can we help you with today? 

Once you have received your debit card in the mail, you would call the phone number provided on the sticker of the card and follow the prompts to activate. You should call from a phone number associated with your information that we have on file.

Applying for Overdraft Protection is easy. Please visit our Overdraft Protection page to determine which product is right for you.

You can view your account balance/s by signing into your online banking profile through our website or through the PCU mobile app. To view account activity, click on the desired account to view recent activity. You can filter by date range to see previous activity.

To submit a travel notification if you anticipate using your debit card while traveling, navigate to the Travel Notification button in the Services & Tools section of your online banking profile. From there you would input your debit card number, the start and end dates of your travel, as well as the trip details.

You can also contact the Member Service Center during normal business hours at 800.498.8930.

There is no limit to the amount that you can deposit at an ATM. The availability of those funds is limited, however. Please see our funds availability policy for more details..

Please visit our ATM locations page for a list of our branch locations and other surcharge free ATMs.