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With our competitive rates, a personal loan may be the best solution for your short-term financing needs. In most cases, we can review your application and get you approved almost immediately.

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Personal Loan

When the refrigerator suddenly stops working or one of the kids needs braces, a personal loan may be the best solution for your short-term financing needs. In most cases, we can review your application and have an answer for you almost immediately.

Energy Loan

This loan will assist home owners who are looking for a short term loan as opposed to a Home Equity Loan for the installation of new windows, a new furnace, water heater or any energy star appliance. This loan does not require the property to be held as collateral.


Designed to consolidate credit card debt. One convenient monthly payment – no more keeping track of several credit cards! An easy automatic transfer is set up from your People’s account for your monthly payment to help make sure your loan is paid on time.

Savings-Secured Loan

Use the funds you have on deposit at the Credit Union in your savings, share, money market account – or Certificate of Deposit – as collateral and receive a reduced rate on your loan.

Home Fuel Loan

The People’s Credit Union Home Fuel Loan will assist members who are having a hard time paying for home heating fuel by allowing them to spread their payments out over a longer period of time.

Personal Line of Credit

A line of credit available to cover overdrafts as well as other financial needs

  • Minimum amount: $1,000; Maximum: $15,000
  • Interest calculated on outstanding balance only
  • Annual fee $25

Personal Overdraft Protection

A line of credit available only to cover overdrafts.

  • Minimum amount: $100; Maximum: $2,500
  • Interest calculated on outstanding balance only
  • Annual fee $25

Step into Your First
Home Mortgage

Reduced interest rates for the first three years.
Just 3% down and only 1% needs to be your own savings.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can we help you with today? 

Personal Loan rates may change daily. Our current Personal Loan rates are below and can also be found on our Personal Loan Rates page. Want to learn more about the personal loans we offer? Visit our Personal Loans page.

To apply for a Personal Loan click the Apply Now links in the tables below. You can also call our Member Service Center at 800.498.8930 or visit one of our six locations for more information.

Personal Loan

ProductAPR* as low asApply
Any Purpose Loan9.99%Apply Now

Personal Line of Credit

Adjustable Rate

ProductAPR* as low asApply
Line of Credit9.25%Apply Now

To make a payment on your People’s Credit Union loan, you can set up a transfer from your Credit Union checking or savings account. In addition, you now have the ability to transfer your People’s Credit Union loan payment using the Bill Pay module. Loan payments made through the Bill Pay module will be processed immediately. To make a transfer payment from your People’s Credit Union checking or savings account through the Bill Pay module, select the Bill Pay option in the top banner, choose the “Make a Loan Payment” tab and follow the instructions on the screen to complete the transfer payment. To set up recurring payments, you would select the “Recurring” option from the “Scheduling Option” toolbar.

People’s Credit Union has branches in Bristol, Middletown, Newport, North Kingstown, Portsmouth, and Wakefield, Rhode Island. For more details please visit our Locations page

Please mail your loan payment to:

People’s Credit Union, 858 West Main Road, Middletown, RI 02842


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Helpful Resources

At People’s Credit Union, we are passionate about providing resources, information, and solutions to help you get ahead.


Our convenient financial calculators can help you make more informed decisions. 

How much can I afford to borrow?

Use this calculator to find out how much money you can afford to borrow.

What is my loan rate?

This loan rate calculator will calculate the interest rate on a loan given a loan amount, payment amount, and number of payments.

How long will it take to pay off my loan?

Use this loan payoff calculator to find out how many payments it will take to pay off a loan.

How much will my loan payments be?

Use this calculator to compute the payment amount (principal and interest) for a fixed rate loan.

Should I consolidate my loans?

This calculator determines the advantage or disadvantage of consolidating various loans and credit card debt.

How soon can I eliminate my debts?

This calculator helps you evaluate various strategies for paying off your debt.