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Your transaction history in Online Banking will go back 16-months. In your account history, you will also have access to any check images. If you need access to your account history, further back, you can access them through eStatements.

Our online banking system uses an algorithm to simplify and clean up transaction descriptions. At times, this algorithm could adjust the transaction description in an unrecognizable manner. You can adjust this description, using a desktop device by:

  • Clicking on the Transaction
  • Select “Help”
  • Choose the option that the transaction’s simple description is incorrect
  • You can choose to change the description back to the original description

Yes, you can change some options for your Home screen such as: changing the amount of the “Last x Days” and “Next x Days” activity that is displayed using the gear icon. Hide and unhide your accounts, change the order, color coding as well as nickname your accounts from within the Settings menu > Account Settings.

While there will be no changes to your accounts or account information, the ‘Accounts’ screen has been updated to provide you with budgeting and categorization tools, as well as simplified transaction descriptions for most types of transactions. Please note that as these simplified descriptions learn to identify transactions more accurately, you can always select the ‘Help’ option on a transaction to display the full, unedited description.

Yes, all the accounts you previously had access to will appear in your profile with the new platform.

To submit a travel notification if you anticipate using your debit card while traveling, navigate to the Travel Notification button in the Services & Tools section of your online banking profile. From there you would input your debit card number, the start and end dates of your travel, as well as the trip details.

You can also contact the Member Service Center during normal business hours at 800.498.8930.

Approved deposits made on a business day that we are open (Monday through Friday excluding state or federal holidays) before 4pm will post to your account by 9pm.

Within the PCU mobile app, you would select the “Deposit a Check” option. Once you have read the notices, you would select an account to which the check would be deposited and input the check amount. You would then take a picture of the front and back of the check in a well-lit environment, ideally with a dark background, as directed on the screen. The check must include “Mobile Deposit to PCU” under the endorsement to be accepted for deposit.

Once submitted, you will receive an email indicating that the check was received. Please retain the check for 30 days. Mobile deposited checks are manually reviewed and may be rejected upon review. If rejected, you will receive an email with the reason the deposit was not successful.

The fees associated with certain transactions can be found on our Fee Schedule page.

If you are an existing member, you can open an additional deposit account through your online banking profile. Once you log in navigate to the Open an Account tab and follow the flow to complete the account opening process. Your new account can be funded with either an existing People’s Account or a linked external account.

To access your statements online for downloading or printing, you would sign into your online banking profile on a desktop or laptop to access the full site. Once logged in, you would navigate to the “Accounts” header and select “Statements & eDocuments”. Once on that page, you would select the desired account and follow the prompts to enroll in estatements or to view your statement if previously enrolled.

To sign up for direct deposit, contact your employer/the payer and provide them with your account number and our routing number (211573151). Some employers may request a direct deposit request form which we can provide to you upon request. This form is not required by us to receive a direct deposit initiated by your employer.