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On our new platform, you will notice that external withdrawals are processed within the same day. If you schedule an outgoing external withdrawal, after the same day cutoff time, the funds will be withdrawn on the next business day.

If an external account was in your profile but has not had any transfer activity in 18 months, it will not be converted to the new online banking platform.

Your transfer history will not convert within the ‘History’ tab of the ‘Transfers’ module; however, any account activity (including any transfers) will remain visible within your account activity and statements as it had before.

You will be able to initiate transfers much like you had on our previous platform, but with a more stream-lined and clear interface. In the Desktop view, you now have ‘Quick’ transfer option for easy one-time transfers between deposit accounts, as well as ‘Classic’ transfers for more robust transfer and payment options. You will also have more payment options available for paying your People’s loans.