Insurance protection is part of a solid financial plan:

From getting a good rate on coverage for your car to making sure your life insurance is adequate, dependable insurance coverage ensures financial relief when you need it. And along the way, you’ll take comfort in knowing you’re protected.

Insurance Options

Accidental Death & Dismemberment

A serious or fatal accident could change your family’s life in a heartbeat. In fact, accidents are the third leading cause of death for people of all ages.*

That’s why you’re entitled to $1,000 of no-cost TruStage® Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance—an exclusive member benefit fully paid for by People’s Credit Union.

You can enroll in your no-cost coverage in just a few minutes. If you choose, additional insurance is available for you or your entire family at budget-friendly rates. Your acceptance is guaranteed—with no health questions or medical exam.

Since accidents can happen anytime, there’s no better time to help protect the people who matter most.

TruStage® Auto & Home Insurance Program

Designed for credit union members like you, the TruStage® Auto & Home Insurance Program provides affordable top-quality protection. You could enjoy discounted rates combined with online convenience and 24/7 claims service.

Get your free quote online today or call 1-855-589-2146.

Debt Protection

Debt Protection with Life Plus 

Life can be wonderful. But it can also get complicated when unexpected things happen. Protecting your loan balance or loan payments against [death, disability or involuntary unemployment] could help protect your finances. Life Plus adds protection for financially-stressful life events such as accidental dismemberment, terminal illness, hospitalization, family medical leave, and the loss of life of a non-protected dependent.

It’s easy to apply for Debt Protection with Life Plus. It’s voluntary and won’t affect your loan approval. Call People’s Credit Union at 800.498.8930 and ask about protecting your loan today.

Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP)

We make it easy to do the right thing for your family

Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) is designed to eliminate your unpaid auto loan balance in the event your vehicle is totaled or stolen. GAP supplements, but does not replace, your primary auto insurance coverage. GAP is designed for all drivers, whether your finance a new or used vehicle. It may even cover your insurance deductible – up to $1,000 – as part of your claim settlement. And, the cost of GAP can be financed with your loan!  

Life Insurance

We make it easy to do the right thing for your family

You’ve always done what’s right for the ones you love. Making sure you help protect them financially if you pass away is one more way to show you care.   

TruStage® Life Insurance can be a simple, affordable way to help protect your family. It can provide your loved ones with money to help pay for things like mortgage or rent payments, day to day bills, or medical and funeral bills.

TruStage makes it easy to compare insurance and explore your options—so you can make the right choice for your family. We can help you:

  • Compare life insurance options
  • See instant quotes based on your budget
  • Apply online or over the phone

Don’t wait. Get an instant online quote today. Or call 1-800-814-2914 and talk to a licensed agent.


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