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Common Online Banking Questions:

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For active users converted to the new platform, simply enter your existing username and password, and click “Log in.” Once the required information has been input and successfully validated, you will be prompted to receive a one-time temporary password via email, text, or automated phone call to verify your identity. After you enter the one-time temporary password, you will be prompted to choose a password that meets the minimum requirements listed. This password can remain the same as the password from the previous platform if all requirements are met.

All primary users who were active on our previous platform will not need to re-register on the new platform; they will login and go through the first-time login flow which will validate their information and require them to create a password.

Primary users who were inactive (had not logged in in over 12 months) can re-register beginning July 21st. Secondary personal users can be re-created as a ‘Shared Access’ by the primary user after their initial login to the new platform. If the secondary user is a People’s member who would like to access their own accounts online, we would recommend they register for their own profile.

For the first-time login to the new platform, this typically indicates that the username is not found in the system. This could be because of the following:

The username was entered incorrectly. Double check to ensure the username has been entered correctly.

The username was inactive on our previous platform and had not logged in in over 12 months. You can re-register and create a new profile..

The profile is a secondary user profile. If you are the secondary user on a business profile, the primary/master business user must log in first and reset the credentials for any secondary users. If this is a secondary user for a personal profile, the new must profile must be created by the primary user as a ‘Shared Access’ user. If the secondary user is a People’s member who would like to access their own accounts online, we would recommend they register for their own profile.t

Yes, the URL for the new platform will be

Your Social Security Number is used to confirm your identity and keep your accounts safe. Our website URL is secure, and we always recommend logging in only from a secure, private internet connection.

  • Your current username
  • Your organization’s Tax ID or EIN (if your organization does not have one, you would input your SSN (Social Security Number))
  • Personal information to validate your identity
  • Access to receive a text or automated phone call to one of your phone numbers on file OR access to receive an email to the email address we have on file.

A temporary password is sent to your contact information on file (via email, SMS, or automated phone call) for the first-time login to keep your account information secure from unauthorized access.

Manage your finances from your mobile device
The People’s CU mobile app makes it easy and convenient to manage your finances on the go.

People’s CU Mobile Banking App – Apple Store

People’s CU Mobile Banking App – Google Play

We would first recommend ensuring that the preferred delivery method for the one-time password was selected; you may have multiple phone numbers presented to you (such as home, cell, work) so make sure the correct phone number was selected. If the correct number/email address was selected, we advise waiting a few minutes and clicking “Resend Code” to generate a new one-time password.

If you were not an active primary user on our previous online banking platform, first-time registration will be unavailable for a limited time. If you encounter any issues after that date, verify that the information input is correct and please call us at 800.498.8930 for any further assistance.

No, Bill Pay history will not be converted to our new online banking platform. You can, however, access any Bill Pay transaction right from your account history.

This functionality is no longer available to our members, we apologize for the inconvience.