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Common Online Banking Questions:

What can we help you with today?

Our online banking system uses an algorithm to simplify and clean up transaction descriptions. At times, this algorithm could adjust the transaction description in an unrecognizable manner. You can adjust this description, using a desktop device by:

  • Clicking on the Transaction
  • Select “Help”
  • Choose the option that the transaction’s simple description is incorrect
  • You can choose to change the description back to the original description

On our new platform, you will notice that external withdrawals are processed within the same day. If you schedule an outgoing external withdrawal, after the same day cutoff time, the funds will be withdrawn on the next business day.

Yes. When logging in, you will have the option to check “Remember Me” which will remember the device you are logging in from and you will not be prompted for a one-time passcode for future logins.

After you have added a payee, the payment method for that payee will be indicated. Payments will be sent either via a standard check or electronic (for larger payees that have a relationship with our Bill Pay provider). For payments sent via check, the funds will be withdrawn from your account once the payee has negotiated the check and it has gone through the clearing process. Please note we cannot select a specific bill pay method, it is automatically determined based on the payee and account information provided.

This is an expected experience. At conversion, the system will need some extra time to sync your bill pay information. This process can only begin when you log into Online Banking and access the Bill Pay Tab. This could take up to 20 minutes to synchronize your data.

If a scheduled payment is scheduled to go out on a holiday, it will be processed on the business day before the holiday.

Existing PopMoney payees will not convert to the new platform. Person to Person payees can be added through the ‘Pay a Person’ option through the new Bill Pay platform.

If your password meets the new platform’s requirements, you will be able to input your existing password.

The password must be:

  • Eight characters in length
  • Contain one lowercase letter
  • One uppercase letter
  • One special character
  • One number

We recommend always picking a strong password, not reusing passwords from other sites, and never sharing your password with others.

With the new platform you can expect a modern, intuitive interface to view and manage your accounts online and through the mobile app. There will be no changes to any of your accounts or account information.

To login to the new platform for the first time for a personal profile, the following will be required:

  • Your current username
  • Personal information to validate your identity
  • Access to receive a text or automated phone call to one of your phone numbers on file OR access to receive an email to the email address we have on file

Yes, all active, primary users will automatically convert to the new platform on June 21st. Inactive users who have not logged in to our previous platform in over 12 months can re-register beginning July 21st. Secondary users created by a primary user will not convert; the primary user can establish a ‘Shared Access’ user after logging in to the new platform for the first time.

Secondary users are created and maintained by a primary, registered user. These secondary users have their own credentials, but their profile is dependent on their creator. Non-business (personal) secondary users created in the previous platform will not automatically convert. Once the primary user has logged in to the new platform for the first time, they can establish a ‘Shared Access’ user through the Settings module.If the secondary user is a People’s member seeking to access their own accounts online, we would recommend they register for their own profile beginning July 21st.