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Our current Certificate of Deposit rates are below and all other rates can be found on our Deposit Product Rates page.

Please call our Member Service Center at 800.498.8930 for more information or visit one of our six locations to open your account today.

Certificates of Deposit

TermMinimum to OpenMinimum Daily
Balance to Earn APY
APY*How to Open
3 Months$500.00$500.00.10%Contact Us
6 Months$500.00$500.001.50%Contact Us
7 Months$500.00$500.004.50%Contact Us
9 Months$500.00$500.00.20%Contact Us
11 Months$500.00$500.004.00%Contact Us
12 Months$500.00$500.003.00%Contact Us
18 Months$500.00$500.003.51%Contact Us
24 Months$500.00$500.00.35%Contact Us
30 Months$500.00$500.00.40%Contact Us
36 Months$500.00$500.00.45%Contact Us
48 Months$500.00$500.00.55%Contact Us
60 Months$500.00$500.00.65%Contact Us

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