People’s Credit Union Serves on North Kingstown High School Shark Tank Panel

Representatives of People’s Credit Union served as  investors” on the Shark Tank judging panel as part of North Kingstown High School’s Business Leadership and Entrepreneurship course. Similar to the popular entertainment show, Shark Tank, student-contestant teams presented their prospective business concept’s eight-point plan for funding. The judging panel then awarded the winners with hypothetical investment checks to launch their businesses and in some instances, requested royalties or shares in the business. A wide variety of potential businesses were presented with one ironically being an actual shark-repellent concept. In all, there were eight high school teams that went before the judging panel.

“This was a really fun, yet valuable educational opportunity for all involved, especially for the students,” commented Erin Connor, Head of North Kingstown Market Development at People’s Credit Union.

“The effort, insight, and thoroughness in the students’ presentations were quite remarkable and innovative,” observed Erine Lewis, Head of Risk for People’s Credit Union.

“The Business Leadership and Entrepreneurship course, for many of these students, is their first insight into the world of business, with many being members of the school’s Business and Finance Academy,” stated Richard Garland, Teacher: Business, Entrepreneurship, Finance, and Economics. “The judges were instrumental in their role as “investors” and we cannot thank them enough for their volunteerism,” Garland added.

Left to right: Joey Lavoie (NK student), Erin Connor, Maddy O’Connor (NK student), and Erine Lewis.

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