People’s Credit Union Partners with Turning Around Ministries’ Inaugural Planting a Seed For Success Class

People’s Credit Union partnered with Turning Around Ministries’ (TAM) Planting a Seed for Success (PASSProgram by conducting financial wellness & interview workshops as part of TAM’s PASS 12-week curriculum. The wellness workshops included presentations on basic banking, budgeting, and credit health, as well as mock interviews created by People’s to help participants with skill development, confidence building, and job preparedness. Since 2005, TAM has provided community-based services to under-served or at-risk persons, and the Planting A Seed for Success is one of the many programs and services TAM offers.

“As financial and personal wellness are important areas of the Credit Union’s focus on community giving, we believe it is important to find ways to positively impact the community whenever possible,” stated Courtney Hunter, Head of Community Development at People’s Credit Union. “TAM’s Planting a Seed for Success Program enabled People’s Credit Union to provide valuable resources and information to participants,” Hunter added.

“All of the participants in the PASS program remarked how pleased they were with the mock interview experience they had,” remarked Kathy McGrath, PASS Facilitator. “We are delighted to be partnering with People’s to support all of the members of our community, especially those who are finding themselves in a particularly vulnerable situation right now,” McGrath further offered. 

Planting A Seed for Success Graduation Ceremony at CCRI Newport Campus

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