People’s Credit Union Donates to United Way of Rhode Island’s Corporate MyFund™ Program

People’s Credit Union has donated $80,000 to United Way of Rhode Island through the organization’s corporate MyFund™ Program. To date, People’s Credit Union has used the digital giving tool to make donations to the South County YMCA, LINKS North Kingstown, The Boys and Girls Club of Newport County, and the Bristol Warren Education Foundation. In addition, the Credit Union made a donation to the America’s Credit Union Museum.

Ellen Ford, President and CEO of People’s Credit Union noted, “In 2018, People’s Credit Union had the opportunity to make a significant philanthropic contribution to the communities we serve. We turned to the guidance of the United Way, and through the establishment of a corporate MyFund™ account, we were able to leverage their technology to implement and administer the first multi-year corporate MyFund™ giving program in Rhode Island through this innovative platform. Having the ability to make a gift to the United Way and then make gifts from our corporate MyFund™ account to any 501(c)(3) in the state or throughout the country was a win-win for us, not to mention the service is free to us as donors. The United Way’s purpose is

to change lives and strengthen our communities by working together. People’s Credit Union is 100% on board with that.”

United Way of Rhode Island launched MyFund™ in late 2017 to help make charitable giving more convenient, easy, and secure for individuals and businesses alike. The tool provides donors with a unique “online banking service,” consolidating charitable giving into a single account. Over the course of a set time period, donors can distribute their funds to any charity in the country using a mobile phone, tablet or desktop computer.

MyFund™ also offers donors more control over their philanthropic giving with the ability to add funds to their account, track gifts, or easily view their giving history and balance. At the end of the year, it provides donors a single receipt for all of their charitable giving. Thanks to United Way of Rhode Island’s administrative costs being covered by a permanent trust, MyFund™ is free of fees for donors and for charities; 100 percent of each gift reaching the benefiting charity. “We know that giving, whether you’re a business, an individual or a family is very personal.” said Cortney Nicolato, President and CEO, United Way of RI. “People’s generous gift connects them with so many great causes, right here in Rhode Island. Creating a corporate MyFund for their charitable giving was a natural fit, one that offers flexibility as well as an opportunity to make a significant gift that will be felt by many across our state.”

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