It’s National Credit Union Youth Month!

Are You Joining the Fun for National Credit Union Youth Month?

4.17.2023 – Let’s talk about Money

The first step to teaching your kids about money is talking about money. The most effective way to teach is by having frequent discussions about money. Please look for teachable moments and always be willing to answer questions. Sometimes parents don’t want their children to worry about financial matters or think they are too young to understand, but that is not the case. So how do you start talking to your kids?

Ask Questions.

If you’re going out to eat, talk about the price difference between the options, and ask them which they would choose. If they select the more expensive option, talk through what you might have to give up later in the week.

Make them part of your budgeting.

If you’re doing any financial planning for the year, solicit input from your kids. Enlist them in your savings goals – no one watches you more closely than your kids, so they’re natural accountability partners!

Open a savings account for them.

This is the best way to help them learn to save for what they find meaningful. A lifetime of good savings habits can start now! Please find out more about our savings account options!

National Youth Saving Challenge™

4.10.2023 The National Youth Saving Challenge™ challenge is a free, fun way to encourage good financial habits.

We encourage youth and teens to Unleash the Power of Savings and pump up their savings at their credit union. Join the fun!

National Credit Union Youth Month

4.03.2023 – If you, as a parent or grandparent or legal guardian, have been wondering how to empower youth to save for their future, National Credit Union Youth Month is an excellent opportunity to start or boost your youth initiatives! Join us this April as credit unions nationwide focus on educating youth about financial health. 

If you need help teaching the children in your life about money, start with a family savings goal. Put a jar on the counter that all spare change goes into. Save for a fun family outing you can all agree on. All will get excited to watch the jar fill!

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