The Women of URI Sports

Meet the Women Athletes

People’s Credit Union is proud to recognize the women athletes at URI. Read about their story, why being a female athlete is important, and how they are helping to shape future leaders in the community.

Meet the women from URI Athletics

Nicole Jones is a sophomore on the URI Women’s Rowing Team

Nicole says, “Being a female student-athlete gives her a privilege and honor for being able to be an athlete in the year that they celebrate 50 years of Title IX.

Watch Nicole PCU Go Rhody Minute here.

Gabrielle Shilling is a Graduate Student on the URI Women’s Volleyball Team.

She appreciates the fan support in the stands, on social media, and campus. Being a female student-athlete means having strong-minded independent people around her at all times.

Watch Gabrielle’s PCU Go Rhody Minute here.

Willow Dunster is a Senior on the URI Swimming and Dive Team.

Willow says, “Diving is a sport that constantly challenges you to push yourself and step outside your comfort zone. I love being a female student-athlete as it has given me a space to build confidence and valuable leadership skills.”

Watch Willow’s PCU Go Rhody Minute here.

Maddie Melice is a Junior on the URI Softball Team.

Maddie says, “Being a female student-athlete has been the most rewarding and empowering experience I have ever been a part of.  My experience at URI has enhanced me as a softball player and a leader and person.  Working towards a common goal with my best friends and an amazing coaching staff has been an opportunity of a lifetime and something I will remember and cherish forever.”

Watch Maddie’s PCU Go Rhody Minute here.

Nadia Rajan is a Senior on the URI Tennis Team

Nadia says, “Being a female student-athlete means supporting other women athlets. It is also really imortant to show the younger girsl that they can do anything they put their mind to. Support is very important to me, hearing our fans in the stands when we are playing helps drive us.”

Watch Nadia’s PCU Go Rhody Minute here.

Carleigh Schlissel is a Junior on the URI Swimming and Dive Team

Maddie says “Being a female student-athlete means to grow my education and my sport. I think that athletics inspires those around us, I want to build up the younger generation so we can continue to build a bigger better program. I love being a Ram!”

Watch Carleigh’s PCU Go Rhody Minute here.

Leilyn Alvarez is a Sophomore on the URI Softball Team

Leilyn says “I love to play my favorite sport with my favorite people! I enjoy inspiring the future generations and being part of this community.”

Watch Leilyn’s PCU Go Rhody Minute here.

Rachel Zingerman is a Senior on the URI Softball Team

Rachel says “I play softball here at URI with the most amazing and talented teammates. Being a female student-athlete is such a blessing because I get the opportunity to show the younger generation that women can do it too. It is so special living out my dreams of getting an education through softball.”