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The myMobile™ app makes it easy and convenient to manage your finances on the go. Now you can easily check your balances, account history, transfer funds, pay bills and much more! myMobile™ is safe and secure because no sensitive account information is stored on your mobile device and your user ID and password stay protected.

Fingerprint Authentication

Fingerprint Authentication is available for both iOS™ or Android™ mobile devices! Fingerprint Authentication is only supported on Apple iOS™ devices with Touch ID™ and Android™ devices with compatible fingerprint support running on Android™ 6.0 or higher.

You will have to update your app prior to using Fingerprint Authentication. You can enroll in Fingerprint Authentication anytime by logging into myMobile™ and selecting the Manage Fingerprint menu in the app.


myBalances™ allows you to get a quick snapshot of your current account balance, as well as the last few transactions that posted to your account without having to log into the myMobile™ app. Learn more.

myMobile™ Check Deposit

With myMobile™ Check Deposit, available through the myMobile™ app, you can easily deposit checks by taking a picture with your phone or tablet and transmitting it electronically to People's Credit Union.

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Download today!

myMobile™ is FREE and can be downloaded right from the app store for your iPhone™ or Android™ device.  myMobile™ app users must be enrolled in myBanking™, our online banking platform. If you are not already signed up for myBanking™, you can sign up online now and then easily download the app.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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myMobile™ Fingerprint Authentication

  • Which devices support myMobile Fingerprint Authentication?

  • How does People’s Credit Union recognize my fingerprint?

  • How do I enroll in Fingerprint Authentication?

  • If my fingerprint is not recognized, can I still login to my account?

  • Will my fingerprint be stored in myMobile?

  • I’m locked out of myBanking and myMobile with my username and password. Can I still login to myMobile using my fingerprint?

  • Can I use Fingerprint Authentication to login if I have other people's fingerprints stored on my device?

  • What if my Fingerprint Authentication enabled phone is lost or stolen?

  • How can I disable Fingerprint Authentication?

  • How do I remove existing fingerprints on the device?

  • If my device has fingerprint capability, do I have to use Fingerprint Authentication for myMobile?

Accessing myMobile™ Check Deposit

  • Do I need to have myBanking or myMobile to use myMobile Check Deposits?

  • Can I use the myMobile Check Deposit function without being logged into myBanking?

  • If I'm a new member can I make deposits via a mobile device?

  • How do I get access to the myMobile Check Deposit Option?

  • Will I need to accept any terms and conditions before accessing the myMobile Check Deposit function?

  • What should I do with the check after I make the deposit?

  • Can I contact the Credit Union with questions?

  • How do I access the myMobile Check Deposit option on my mobile device?

  • What account types are available for me to make deposits to via my mobile device?

  • Can the Credit Union suspend access to myMobile Check Deposit for certain members?

myMobile™ Check Deposit Limits

  • Is there a hold placed on checks deposited via myMobile Check Deposit?

  • Is there a cut-off time for myMobile Check Deposit?

  • Will the Credit Union be reviewing deposits before approving?

  • Is there a limit to the number of deposits or dollar amount limit for deposits made using myMobile Check Deposit?

  • Can I request a higher myMobile Check Deposit Limit?

myMobile™ Check Deposit Issue Resolutions

  • If there is an issue with my deposit, will I receive any messages during the deposit process to alert me of the issue?

  • Once a check is accepted will I receive a notification that my deposit was accepted?

  • If a check is rejected by the Credit Union after I submit it, will I receive a notification that the check was not accepted

  • Can I deposit foreign checks via Mobile Deposit Capture?

  • Can I deposit Traveler's Checks via myMobile Check Deposit?

  • Can I deposit savings bonds via Mobile Deposit Capture?

  • If I forget to endorse the back of the check, will it be rejected?

  • What if the check deposited is post or stale dated?

  • What if I enter the wrong check amount during the deposit process?

  • What if the picture of my check is unclear or unreadable?

  • What if the image is dark, blurry or illegible?

  • Why might the system be unable to read the MICR code on the bottom of the check?