Changes to Your eDocuments

eDocuments in Online and Mobile Banking

Updated eDocuments Page

  • A more modern and intuitive look and feel that matches the rest of online banking. 
  • You can now view and enroll in eDocuments within the mobile app.
  • You can now easily enroll one or more accounts in eDocuments at once, eliminating several required steps.
  • If you would like to discontinue eDocuments and only receive statements via mail, you can switch their preferences within online banking without contacting us to update preferences manually. 

New combined statement listing for all accounts

Checks in Transaction History

  • Click on the account you would like to look at the transaction history.
  • Scroll through the transaction history until you see the check number that you are looking for.
  • Click on the line where date, check number and amount are.
  • The “Summary” will open with an image of the front and back of the check.

Search for Checks in Transaction History

  • In the transaction history on the right of the search bar is the “Filter” button.
  • Click the “Filter” button to open the options.
  • Scroll down to “Type” and choose “Check.”
    • You can add a date range, transaction amount, credit or debit to narrow down the results or keep it open to see all checks.
  • Click Search.

The filter will populate the results and you are able to click on individuals check transactions to see the details.