Step into Your First Home Mortgage

New First Time Home Buyer Program

Step Into Your First Home Mortgage

First Time Home Buyer Program

ProductInterest RatePointsAPR*Monthly Payments
Per $100,000
Year 1*4.125%05.04%$484.65
Year 2*4.375%05.04%$499.29
Year 3*4.625%05.04%$514.14
Year 4-30*4.875%05.04%$529.21

All payments quoted with a beginning balance of $100,000 and include principal and interest. Monthly payment per $100,000, 4.125%=$484.65, 4.375%=$499.29, 4.625%=$514.14, 4.875%=$529.21 Rate effective as of 05.18.2022 APR for the life of loan 5.04%.

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