Purpose Vendor Scorecard

Environmental Stewardship

Do your physical locations maintain a recycling program?(Required)
Does your company contribute to or volunteer for environmental nonprofits/organizations?(Required)
Does your company promote/maintain any environmental efficiencies (reducing commuting, providing reusable water bottles, etc.)(Required)

Community Impact

Does your company donate to community causes?(Required)
Are colleagues employed by your company encouraged to volunteer for community service?(Required)
Does your company sponser any community events?(Required)
Does your company offer scholarships to colleagues or families?(Required)
Do you offer a mentor program in conjunction with any local high schools or universities?(Required)


Are colleagues provided more than the legally required number of vacation and/or sick days?(Required)
Is the priority of the company colleague/customer well-being and not profits over people?(Required)
Are colleagues recognized for their efforts and/or tenure with the organization?(Required)
Does the company have team building or team outings at least annually?(Required)
Does the organization provide financial wellness tools and training?(Required)
Are there opportunities for professional development within your company for colleagues?(Required)
Does the organization provide resources to support employee financial well-being, mental and physical health?(Required)
This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

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