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Information About the Online Banking Enhancement Regarding Quicken Software

New Quicken Users
To set up access for Quicken Direct Connect please follow the instructions below:

Setting Up Access for Quicken Direct Connect

Existing Quicken Users
In order to use Quicken Direct Connect you will need to log into MyBanking and click on the enroll button. Instructions can be found above in the section titled New Quicken Users. Next each member will be required to login to quicken and deactivate their account from Peoples Credit Union. Once that is completed then our members will need to re-activate the connection by finding Peoples Credit Union and reestablishing that connection. Quicken has provided step by step instructions on this process. Both Windows and Mac versions are included for your reference.

Quicken Essentials for MAC 2010

Quicken Essentials for MAC 2006

Quicken Essentials for Windows 2012 - 2014