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myMobile™ FAQs

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myMobile™ Fingerprint Authentication

  • Which devices support myMobile Fingerprint Authentication?

  • How does People’s Credit Union recognize my fingerprint?

  • How do I enroll in Fingerprint Authentication?

  • If my fingerprint is not recognized, can I still login to my account?

  • Will my fingerprint be stored in myMobile?

  • I’m locked out of myBanking and myMobile with my username and password. Can I still login to myMobile using my fingerprint?

  • Can I use Fingerprint Authentication to login if I have other people's fingerprints stored on my device?

  • What if my Fingerprint Authentication enabled phone is lost or stolen?

  • How can I disable Fingerprint Authentication?

  • How do I remove existing fingerprints on the device?

  • If my device has fingerprint capability, do I have to use Fingerprint Authentication for myMobile?

Accessing myMobile™ Check Deposit

  • Do I need to have myBanking or myMobile to use myMobile Check Deposits?

  • Can I use the myMobile Check Deposit function without being logged into myBanking?

  • If I'm a new member can I make deposits via a mobile device?

  • How do I get access to the myMobile Check Deposit Option?

  • Will I need to accept any terms and conditions before accessing the myMobile Check Deposit function?

  • What should I do with the check after I make the deposit?

  • Can I contact the Credit Union with questions?

  • How do I access the myMobile Check Deposit option on my mobile device?

  • What account types are available for me to make deposits to via my mobile device?

  • Can the Credit Union suspend access to myMobile Check Deposit for certain members?

myMobile™ Check Deposit Limits

  • Is there a hold placed on checks deposited via myMobile Check Deposit?

  • Is there a cut-off time for myMobile Check Deposit?

  • Will the Credit Union be reviewing deposits before approving?

  • Is there a limit to the number of deposits or dollar amount limit for deposits made using myMobile Check Deposit?

  • Can I request a higher myMobile Check Deposit Limit?

myMobile™ Check Deposit Issue Resolutions

  • If there is an issue with my deposit, will I receive any messages during the deposit process to alert me of the issue?

  • Once a check is accepted will I receive a notification that my deposit was accepted?

  • If a check is rejected by the Credit Union after I submit it, will I receive a notification that the check was not accepted

  • Can I deposit foreign checks via Mobile Deposit Capture?

  • Can I deposit Traveler's Checks via myMobile Check Deposit?

  • Can I deposit savings bonds via Mobile Deposit Capture?

  • If I forget to endorse the back of the check, will it be rejected?

  • What if the check deposited is post or stale dated?

  • What if I enter the wrong check amount during the deposit process?

  • What if the picture of my check is unclear or unreadable?

  • What if the image is dark, blurry or illegible?

  • Why might the system be unable to read the MICR code on the bottom of the check?